Offshore Company Setup

Why Offshore?

UAE offshore company structure helps you secure your assets in the safest profitable manner. As IBG consultants we undertake the entire process of your offshore company set up for Ajman Offshore, RAK Offshore and Jebel Ali Offshore with minimal downtime and competitive packages. We provide relief from all the fatiguing procedures of offshore company formation through our qualified and experienced company setup professionals. Our experts look after your every need to bring you a one-Stop solution for all your tax sheltering, asset protection, financial privacy, and currency exchange problems.

What we offer

Ajman Offshore

Ajman Offshore companies compete with the biggest offshore jurisdictions, regarding ease of setting up the business, banking, facilities & legal documents.


RAKICC is a Corporate Registry operating in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. RAK International Corporate Centre is responsible for the registration and incorporation of International Business Companies.

Jebel AliOffshore

Jebel Ali Offshore provides a viable business setup option in UAE where you can grow your business.

Know More

Offshore business process outsourcing means running your business from your home country and exporting the services through a foreign-based company with lower labor rates and more tax savings.

Offshore business process outsourcing means running business from home country and exporting the services by a foreign-based company having lower labor rates and more tax saving.

Offshoring aims at cost reduction in terms of tax and labor expenditures. So the companies do not generally bother about the other hidden costs of travelling, training, and communication. Since they plan for long term business, they have to bear with the business relationship costs.

Current laws restrict the clients to disclose their locations (for example call centers), to show the place of contract with the government, to open the limited financial data and medical details of the offshore housing.