Intellectual Property Rights & Trademark Registration

Why Trademark Registration?

Trademark registration is an important step while setting up a business in Dubai as protecting your brand by having a registered trademark is of critical importance. With the help of a professional business consulting company like the IBG Consulting, you can get the complete assistance for getting your trademark registered in Dubai. The IBG Consulting makes the trademark registration process easier for its clients by ensuring that all the legal requirements are met effectively and timely.

Our team of experienced business consultants ensures that all the processes remain in line with the instructions issued by authorities for trademark registration. Brand registration is an important part of setting up a business identity and there is a step-by-step process that needs to be completed to register a trademark in Dubai. The IBG Consulting is a reliable business consulting firm that helps in setting up a business in Dubai across various sectors and industries. We collect all the documents from our clients that are required for trademark registration and complete the process on their behalf to make the entire process absolutely hassle-free for them.

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Required Documents

Given below are the documents required for trademark registration in Dubai:

All these documents are required for the completion of the trademark registration process. The IBG Consulting has a team of professionals, legal advisors and business consultants that guide our clients in pursuing their business idea in the most effective manner. We provide the consultancy and legal support for trademark registration process so that our clients can focus on planning and executing the best strategies for their business while we handle the entire process of setting up their business identity.

What are Intellectual Property Rights and Why Protect them?

Intellectual property is the genuine, authentic and creative product or intellectual production. Intellectual properties acquire some market value from their originality, and therefore merits of legal protection and preservation.

Intellectual Property could manifest in ideas, logos, literary works, inventions, names of services, products or companies, or processes related to the computer, business or chemical, written production, artistic production, and numerous other things.

Intellectual property categories are: