Company Setup in UAE

The UAE is ranked among the highest globally from 183 countries in Trading Across Borders and continuously attracts investors and businesses from across different continents. It offers excellent opportunities to business owners and entrepreneurs given its strategic location within the Middle East. Businesses are strategically located to access the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and European markets from one hub. Its tax incentives are promising for any business and have seen many startup companies establish their base here and grown to mega corporations around the world.

Unlike most jurisdictions around the world, the key driver is the stable political climate and the multicultural business climate that allows businesses to flourish. The legal framework and regulations provide for a well-coordinated and incentivized ecosystem for new and old companies to conduct business. However, to succeed in the UAE’s booming market and to take advantage of entries to neighbouring markets, investors must carefully consider their setup options. This starts from the very first basic step of picking a business name when starting a company.

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The UAE provides three major jurisdictions for new company registration.

Once a promising business idea is conceived and all the planning has been done. It is time to make it happen and get the licenses required to operate. Choosing the right jurisdiction is pivotal in ensuring the business can operate. Usually, this choice hugely varies among clients and depends on a myriad of factors such as activity of the business, model of operation (local or international business) among many others. However, other business needs must be taken into consideration such as the time to set up, need to start making a profit soon enough, number of employees required to be hired, cost, regulatory framework, competition, etc. All these are important things to be understood before choosing the right jurisdiction to set up a company.

What we offer

More than just a service provider we strive to be a long term business partner to all our valued customers. this includes offering services across onshore and offshore jurisdictions (offshore, mainland and freezone).

What we offer

More than just a service provider we strive to be a long term business partner to all our valued customers. this includes offering services across onshore and offshore jurisdictions (offshore, mainland and freezone).


UAE offshore company structure helps you secure your assets in the safest profitable manner. As IBG consultants we undertake the entire process of your Offshore company set up for Ajman Offshore, RAK Offshore and Jebel Ali Offshore in minimum downtime and competitive packages.


Dubai’s accessible work environment, remarkable infrastructure, tax-free benefits and other Govt.IBG’s Dubai Company Formation services allow you to set up a Limited Liability Company and avail zero taxation, low capital investment, no limitations on recruitment.


Free zone company formation in UAE is a great option for investors seeking tax-free environment to practice their business while enjoying the privilege of 100% foreign ownership, financial privacy, fast employee and family visa processing, residency and accommodation in UAE.

Know More

An offshore company is an independent legal entity with limited liability and must have atleast one shareholder. The liability of the partners or shareholders is limited to their capital contribution.

Offshore business process outsourcing means running business from home country and exporting the services by a foreign-based company having lower labor rates and more tax saving.

Offshoring aims at cost reduction in terms of tax and labor expenditures. So the companies do not generally bother about the other hidden costs of travelling, training, and communication. Since they plan for long term business, they have to bear with the business relationship costs.

Current laws restrict the clients to disclose their locations (for example call centers), to show the place of contract with the government, to open the limited financial data and medical details of the offshore housing.